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πŸͺ’ Meeting Templates
πŸͺ’ Meeting Templates
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πŸ”‘ Archive / Unarchive Meeting Activities

Buckle up, this is a big one!

By now you know that you can use Trelliswork to create any meeting agenda you need. Combine activities such as discussion topics, polls, and icebreakers to craft your normal rhythm for your team or 1:1, then use Trelliswork's agenda planning view to make sure you're coordinated and ready for the next time you get together.

Now, we've baked all of this functionality into easy to use meeting templates to fit a manager's every need!

When you create your next meeting, for either a team or for any 1:1, you'll be presented with the Trelliswork meeting template library. Check out meeting templates build resource managers, design teams, scrum ceremonies, and more. Each template is build with the activities you need, as well as guidance and tips for every stem to make sure your meeting is a success. And if you're feeling like going your own way, you can just click "Create Blank" to start a new meeting from scratch.

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