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πŸ”‘ Archiving Meeting Activities
πŸ”‘ Archiving Meeting Activities
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πŸ”‘ Archive / Unarchive Meeting Activities

If you're like us, you might have discussion topics in your meetings that are getting pretty full of content these days. Especially since you've been adding in images as well as you discussions, decisions, and outcomes. How do you make sure your agenda plan is staying organized by also make sure you have access to those older topics?

You archive them! And importantly, you also unarchive them! Now any archived meeting activity can be retrieved right at the bottom of your activity plan. Unarchived activities return in full, including all comments and content previously attached to them.

πŸ€™ As Needed Cadence Meeting Cadence

Sometimes things happen as a part of your well planned team operations... and other times you need to get the band together for an ad-hoc meeting. Well schedule that band meeting in Trelliswork. Set a meeting as "As Needed," plan and run your meeting, and feel free to archive that meeting when you're done (you can always get back to it from Settings.

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