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🍽️ Meeting Links for Every Team Meeting
🍽️ Meeting Links for Every Team Meeting
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πŸ”¦ Meeting Links

So far Team Links have been a great way to track and share all the important things your team works with outside of the Trelliswork space. However, as more of you have gotten in here we've heard loud an clear that you need something more in this department: Meeting Links! Now, for any live session, you'll notice on the right something new. Click "Links" to easily get back to your Team Links, as well as create Meeting Links that will be accessible only within this and future session of this meeting.

πŸ“š A Little More Real Estate

For those of you like me that might be operating from a smaller screen, you'll notice that the navigation bar is collapsible! There's more to come on this topic, but for now enjoy the extra space for your team.

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