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💤 Snooze topics to bump them to future sessions, and update your profile
💤 Snooze topics to bump them to future sessions, and update your profile
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💤 Snooze Topics

This week has a big update to how you can plan for your next team meeting!

Introducing the ability to snooze topics on your agenda. For any topics, recurring or one-time, you can now add a number of sessions you would like to snooze. Just like kicking the can on your morning alarm clock, this will take that topic off of the upcoming agendas and return it once the snooze is over!

You can snooze a topic from your agenda plan, as well as from a live session if plan change.

⏰ Unsnooze Topics

Hey remember that whole new “Snooze Topic” feature? That’s all fine and good until you’ve really getting through your team meeting agenda and they “Hey, why don’t we add back some of those topics sitting in snooze?” No problem! Just go back to your agenda plan (Click “Leave” in the live session… don’t worry, we’re working on some better flows!) and update the snooze status of any topics. Changes will immediately reflect in your live session.

Look, a picture’s work a thousand words on this one. If you’re still confused check out the video above!

🍫 Settings Page Updates

And with that, comes a new version of settings in Trelliswork! Once again, I will fully admin, “How do I change my title / update my photo / logout” are phrases I have heard before. Well, with an improved admin function comes the consistent UI to go with it! Click settings on the bottom left to fulfill all of your configuration and settings dreams.

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