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How do I get started?

Trelliswork is currently in Open Beta. To get started, just navigate to app.trelliswork.com and create your account.

I’ve created my account. Now what?

If you made it through onboarding without covering this one we’ll need to dock their pay, but just in case, check out the Getting Started page for your very fist steps in the app.

How do I invite my team members?

There are two ways to start getting others into your organization in Trelliswork. First, for every team, you can invite people directly into that team space. To do that, click the “+ Add” option under “Our Teammates” on the right side of the team space

Your second option is for adding people to your organization, then adding them to teams later. To do that, just click on the “People” option on the right and click the “+” icon.

Once a team member has been added to any team, or just to the organization, you will see them as an option when adding people to any other team. You only need to invite them via email once. From there, you can add and remove anyone with access to your organization to any if its teams.

Who can see what?

First off, your organization in Trelliswork is the highest level of data access control. Someone leaves your company? Remove them from the organization in Trelliswork. Someone new joins? Add them (see above).

Once someone has access to your organization, they can see all Teams. For teams they are a member of, they have full access to add, edit, and delete things like Sessions, Bookmarks, and to add new members. They can also join live sessions for that team. Any sessions for that team will appear on their “What’s Next” page.

For people who are members of your organization, but are not members of a team, they will still be able to see all Sessions, Bookmarks, Team Members, and Charters for that team, but they would be able to edit them, and they won’t be able to click to see any Session details.

Everything on your People page is visible only to you and the person that shares the specific space you’re on.

How do I run a session?

Sessions have three main parts - Session Planning, Live Sessions, and Session History. When you click on a Session, you’re brought to the planning space for that Session. Anyone on your team can add and edit topics and action items in this space when you’re not actively running this session. Think of this as your collaborative, continuous planning space for the time your team will spend together.

Once you’re ready to actually ready to run the session, click the Start Next Session button at the top right of the planning space:

This will change your view to the Live Session view. It will also let all of your team members know that the session is running and that they can join.

Lastly, when you’re all done with your session just click Finish Session. This will create a Session Summary that you can find in the history section of that Session.

Can I tell who is in what session?

At the bottom left of any live session you can always see what team members are currently present, as well as who own the meeting. You can also use this to follow any team member.

How do I add more teams or organizations?

Trelliswork users can create any number of teams and organizations with their accounts.

Does this integration with Teams/Slack/Jira/Bandcamp?

Currently there is no direct integration with third party tools, but this is something we are exploring as part of the early 2023 roadmap. From any session you can choose to include a link to your remote meeting tool by adding it under “Video meeting link.”

You can also share links to live sessions by clicking the “Share” link at the top of any live session view:

Can I invite people from outside of my team into specific sessions?

For any team meeting you can create a share link. When you create that link, you can choose if that link will allow access to only team members, or to all org members. If you chose all org members, anyone at your organization will be able to join that team meeting via the link.

How much does this thing cost?

Trelliswork is currently free to user for all users.

I need help! How can I get support?

If this didn’t do it, send us a note at support@trelliswork.com!

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