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🎬 Setting Up Your Account
🎬 Setting Up Your Account

Let it begin!

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Trelliswork is a solution for managers and their teams. When you setup your account for the first time Trelliswork will walk you through setting up your first organization and team, and then through inviting your team members. Trelliswork is all about team collaboration, so step one it to get your space set up and get your teammates in there!

Account Creation

First off, if you’ve received an invite to join Trelliswork, lucky you! Skip ahead to I've Been Invited.

If you’re starting out solo just head over to, we like your style. Click “Sign Up!” and create your account. We’ll have you confirm your email, so if you don’t see your verification code make sure you check your spam/junk folders.

Pro Tip: We encourage our users to create their account with an email address that they get to keep (think, gmail). You’re welcome to use a company email if that feels best, but keep in mind that you can user Trelliswork for your company, for volunteer groups, for your weekly shuffleboard league… you name it!

As part of setting up your account you’ll also set up your first Team and Organization in Trelliswork. For your Organization, you can choose to make it discoverable by anyone else with a specific email domain. If you do this, your org will be Discoverable (and you can always change this from the Org Settings Page).

Discoverable Organizations

As part of the account creation process, you might discover that someone at your organization beat you to it! If so, Trelliswork will let you know that an organization already exists for you to join. Go ahead and join that org, or continue on to create your own. If you want to do both, don’t worry! You can always create new organization for yourself, so join Your Company and then create as many additional orgs as you need.

If you've already created your account, you can manage discoverability from your Workspace Settings page

Inviting Others

Before we get to the good stuff, one important thing - Trelliswork is made for real time collaboration with your team. For that reason, a big first step is to get you team in here. To do that, just go to any team’s page and click the “+ Add” button on the right side of the page, right next to the “Teammates” list.

Add your teammates via email. They’ll receive an email with a link to join this organization and team, and will walk them through creating their account if they don’t have one.

I've Been Invited

If another Trelliswork user has invited you to their organization, that invitation will arrive in your inbox from, letting you know the person, team, and organization you’ll be joining. Click the link on that invitation to join. If you’re not already logged in (or if you’ve never logged in), you’ll be directed to the Trelliswork account creation page. Simply create a new account, and you’ll automatically join the organization and team to which you’ve been invited.

What's Next?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re in! (Or, if not, drop us a note at You’re probably looking at your team’s page, within the organization that you created or were invited to. To start using Trelliswork with your team head over to The Basics.

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